Kickoff Speaker - 2024

Dr. Michael L. Adams, VP for Academic Affairs and Provost

Campbell University

Higher Education: A Broken Model?

Higher education is a business model like no other that is under scrutiny and stress like never before. We will explore the different segments of the higher education model, its challenges, and a path forward. 

Dr. Michael L. Adams, a Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences distinguished alumni and an experienced higher education administrator, began serving as Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost on June 1, 2023. Previously, he served as the Dean of the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences from 2015 to 2023.

A 1996 Doctor of Pharmacy summa cum laude graduate of Campbell, Dr. Adams also earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Medicinal Chemistry, with a focus on Mechanistic Toxicity, from the University of Washington. After completing a post-doctoral fellowship on drug-induced liver disease at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, Dr. Adams returned to Campbell University in 2005 as an assistant professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences. Four years later, he became the Director of Science Education Outreach and was named Assistant Dean for Graduate and Interprofessional Education in 2012. As a faculty member, he was selected by students as Professor of the Year nine consecutive times and was named Distinguished Alumni by the CPHS Alumni Association.

In 2015, Dr. Adams was named Dean of the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, succeeding the founding dean, Dr. Ronald W. Maddox, and was responsible for the oversight and administration of Campbell’s Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, Health Sciences, Nursing, Clinical Research, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Public Health programs.

Dr. Adams’ research interests focus on the causes and mechanisms for prevention of drug-induced liver disease with particular attention to xenobiotics that cause liver damage after metabolism. He is also interested in the utilization of drugs of abuse.

Dr. Adams attributes much of his success to his wife, Dina Hall Adams, an alumna who also earned a Doctor of Pharmacy from the Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, and their daughter, Halle.

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